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Lauren Branning

An aerial photo of the set can be seen here. On 8 February , heavy snow fell on the set, and filming had to be cancelled as the scenes due to be filmed on the day were to be transmitted in April. In , EastEnders covered the general election. Using a plan devised by co-creators Smith and Holland, five minutes of material was cut from four of the pre-recorded episodes preceding the election.

These were replaced by specially recorded election material, including representatives from each major party, and a scene recorded on the day after the election reflecting the result, which was broadcast the following Tuesday.

The EastEnders star is currently dating year-old Lily Smith. The pair have been in a relationship for quite some time now, and Lily isn’t shy of plastering her love for her hunky beau across Instagram.

EastEnders ‘reflects real life’ It is often criticised for painting a sensational and depressing picture of British life. But the vices that draw millions of viewers to EastEnders are actually more common in reality, according to a study. Researchers trawled through 18 years of Albert Square plotlines and compared the behaviour of the characters to what people actually get up to, as revealed in social trends studies.

On average, two per cent of women between 16 and 44 in the BBC soap have been unfaithful to their partners. In reality the figure is nearer ten per cent. In real life it is one in six. The study also found that prostitution – the focus of several major EastEnders storylines – features more prominently in fact than fiction. In the programme, 0.

New Scientist magaz i n e expects its research, published today, to surprise many people who believe EastEnders overdoses its viewers with gloom. Some of the biggest ratings pullers have been stories about men deceived into bringing up children who are not their own.

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